How to update Tplinkrepeater firmware online?

First of all, you need to make sure about the hardware version of your device before we start Tplinkrepeater Firmware. Do Not Upgrade the firmware of your repeater via wireless connection it should be hard wired only. Moreover, Make sure you not turn it off or unplug the device while the Firmware is upgrading.

tplinkrepeater frimware
tp linkrepeater firmware update
  • You need to download the latest firmware then unzip it and extract this file to the folder
  • The 6 digits number is stand for the Published date of the firmware
  • We recommend you to backup your current Settings before the upgrade, because firmware update may remove all the settings on the extender. So you need to click
    System Tools–Backup & amp; Restore, and save the current settings to a location.
  • Click on System Tools then Firmware upgrade then click on Browse now you need to
    choose the firmware file (ended with bin)
  • Now make sure that if the TPlinkrepeater firmware has been upgraded or not, it is necessary to restore the device settings to factory default  Click System Tools–Back up & Restore then Click on Factory Restore Button
  • After saving the settings on factory defaults, You need to reconfigure the router or
    restore the settings from the saved back up file.
  • For Setup Click Here.

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