How to Setup TP-Link RE220 WiFi Range Extender through Tether App?

  • Firstly, Plug the TP-Link RE220 Extender for Setup closer to your router like within 5 to 10 feet of the range.
  • Observe the power LED on the router once it turns solid green then it means its ready for Configuration.
  • Download the Tether App on your smart phone. Click here to Download Tether App for Android | For iOS.
  • Go to Settings on your smart phone and click on WiFi, Turn your WiFi On and wait till the WiFi list refreshes.
  • Now click on the default SSID of TP-Link Extender among the list of available network, It will show up as “TP-Link Extender“.
  • click on default SSID and hit join the network.
  • Now launch the Tether App on your smart phone and tap TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup which will automatically pop-up in your App.
  • moreover, It will now ask you to create a password for managing your extender’s account.
  • Once you create a password the Tether App will look for the WiFi Network available in your area.
  • Among the list of the available WiFi Network you will have to select your router SSID and punch in the password.
  • In case your router support 5GHz too, select 5GHz and punch in the password.
TP-Link RE220 Extender Setup
Setup TP-Link RE220 Range Extender

NOTE:- skip the step if your router doesn’t supports 5GHz.

  • Now you will have to confirm the SSID and Password for your Host Network.
  • In the next step, you can change the default name of your Extended network.

IMP:- In case your Host network name is ABC then the default extended network will come up as ABC_Ext.

  • The TP-Link RE220 Range Extender will reboot now it takes around 90 seconds.
  • Now you can unplug the AC750 RE220 Extender, best option is to plug it halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi signal.
  • Lastly, For Better connectivity place the Extender away from large appliances.

Manage the TP-Link router with Tether APP?

One can Install the TP-Link Tether App from Play store or App store into your phones or tablets.
Click here to download the Tether App for Android || for IOS.
This App will help you change settings on your router locally and remotely.

Locally Managing Router with the help of Tether App

  1. Open Setting on your phone or tablet, go to wireless and connect your phone to your Router’s Network.
  2. Once connected, Launch the Tether app, select the model of your router.
  3. It will now ask for TP-Link username and password that you will need to punch in.
  4. The Main home settings page will show you internet status and attached devices or you can click on different settings according to your need.
tp-link app and uses
Tp-Link Tether App

Managing Your Router with the help of Tether App
Things required for TP-Link tether app are:-

  • Firstly, Make sure you have Tether app with the newest version. You can update the app by going online in Play store or App store and searching for TP-Link tether app.
  • TP-Link Cloud router with the latest firmware. Refer to Upgrade the Firmware to update your router to the latest firmware version.
  • A TP-Link Username and Password of your Router. In case you don’t have one, you can create it by registering your device.
  • Moreover, You should have Internet on your cell phone or Tablet, that can be a Wifi or cellular data.
  • To remotely access your router with the help of Tether App:
  1. First of all, Open the TP-Link app. click on the top-left corner of the screen and hit log in.
  2. Type-in the username and password for your TP-Link account and hit Login.
  3. Among the list of Routers select Router, you have in your home.
  4. Lastly, the home page will show you your internet status and attached devices.