About Us


Our Approach:’-

Buying a device is what you can choose but issues which arises while using it are not what you can choose on our end. Here we a team of qualified technicians under the guidance of our capable managers are working tirelessly to take care of the Devices you have and provide hassell free services 24/7 around the clock. We have been our clients preferred partner always since the day one. We have taken care of our clients any software related issues always and have guided them properly in hardware related troubles. Many online Network Security brands have reached us to share the platform with us. These brands know the value and time of our Hard-work and issue resolving capacity. We are applauded each day by hundreds of our happy customers. We promise to keep on working ahead and providing world class services each time you reach us.

Our Story:- 

It all started with a grandpa’s idea. He said ” I wish i could learn all these computer and router related stuff at this age”. Well, I couldn’t teach him all of it, but yeah I saw that as an oppurtunity to reach out to the people who need help with devices and provide them services with little or no efforts of theirs. This was it. A brand was born, with the hardwork of the core team it has now grown to more than 5K plus technicians in USA, UK and Australia too. You just need to email us for any technical assistance you need with your any device.