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How to Setup Using

Tp-link Extender Setup can be done through offline page, or however one needs to perceive that these pages and can be accessed while your extender is powered ON. you’ll be able to Setup Tp-link Extender through

Steps to be Followed are:-

  • Firstly, Plug-in your Tp-link extender to the wall.
  • Now for Tplink extender setup, enter or within the address bar.
  • If the Tplink setup page doesn’t open, use another browser.
  • on the Tplinkrepeater setup page it will ask you how you want to setup Tp-link extender.
  • Moreover, you can choose between the options Extender option or Access point according to your need.
  • or sometime not responding in between the setup process, all you need to do is to refresh the browser or clear the cookies and caches of the browser.
  • Once you have the setup page open follow the on-screen instruction and you’ll be able to setup your Tplink extender.
  •  Lastly, After Setup using or page will close automatically. 

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Tp-Link is a brand that deals with products ranging from wireless routers, range extenders, mobile phones, ADSL, routers, switches, IP cameras, powerline adapters, print servers, media converters, wireless adapters, power banks, and SMART home technology devices. Besides OnHub is famous router that it manufactures for Brand Google itself. Neffos brand is a series of smart phones produced by Tp-Link. :- This website is solely concentrated on TPLink Extender Setup, TP-Link Router Setup and TP-Link cloud Cameras Setup.

Tplinkrepeater.netClearly, some of the Most famous high-end performing Routers are Archer C7 AC1750, TP-Link Deco M5 Home Wi-fi System Mesh Router, Archer C9 AC1900, AV2000 Powerline Adapter. TPLink Extenders who performs best among its peers are RE450 Wi-Fi Range Extender, RE200 AC750, RE305 AC1200 Range Extender, TP-Link RE450 Extender, RE200 AC750 Extender. TP-Link cameras like TPLink TL-NC450 HD can be Setup by typing in the address bar of your browser

Experience Wi-Fi Like Never Before

TP-Link Mesh technology to cover your entire home in powerful Wi-Fi. Multiple units seamlessly work together to create a home network like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

tplinkrepeater default password

TP-Link Deco Home Mesh Wifi, tplink Deco home wifi mesh

If you’re planning to change your traditional router-extender setup for the latest technology of Home  Mesh Wi-Fi system then TP-Link Deco is definitely what you are looking for and it should be on your short list. Mesh Deco M5 works on single username and password for your all units, so it allows you to enjoy seamless roaming from room to room.

Quick and Easy setup, you just need to download the TP-LINK deco app for Android or iOS.

 Plug in your system, and then follow the on screen instructions to get your new home mesh WiFi network up and running in minutes.

Click Here to Download Deco App for Android || For iOS

TP-Link Tether App

TP-Link Tether Makes it a easy experience when you want to remotely change any settings on your Router or Extender. It can be Setup on any Android or iOS devices. Making setup,Parental Controls, and status of your networking device an easy task with just few click on the Tether App.

On the other hand with new cloud technology linked to your router or extender through Tether App you can reboot, update, or reconfigure your home router or extender while at the office or on vacation. Just like a technician guiding you step by step Tether App helps you to set up your new TP-Link router or range extender. Setup the network name, password and internet settings to configure your devices within minutes. 

These are the list of devices compatible with Tether App. Click Here to check compatibility of your device.

Real time-monitoring screen which shows all the online connections, So no unkown connections can now get connected without your knowledge. With TP-Link Tether you can easily manage online behaviour of devices and choose which websites are safe to visit for your children. Moreover, applying Network access at certain time of the day for users in the child list.

Click here to download Tether App for Android || For iOS

TPLink N300 Setup (TL-WA855RE)

  • TL-WA855RE wifi range extender will enhance your Access point’s signal strength to give you a strong and stable Internet signal in your home. You can play Games, Watch netflix, stream music on number of devices at the same time. The TL-WA855RE works to its optimum level with routers that supports N300 Internet and beyond.
    For high speed Internet attach an Ethernet chord from your devices like gaming console or streaming box to the TL-WA855RE for a high speed and better Internet connectivity all around your house or office. In case you don’t mind Ethernet cable running from Router to Extender, you can use your extender as Access Point and experience better Internet Speed.

Lights status on TP-Link TL-WA855RE :-

Before And During Setup

  • Green- extender is booting up
  • Red- extender is ready for setup
  • Green light- setup is complete

After Setup

  • Flashing green pairing with router
  • Red pairing failed not detected any signal.
  • Orange paired but signal is weak
  • Green paired and signal is strong

Setup TL-WA855RE

  • Firstly, You need to plug in your TPLink TL-WA855RE extender to the wall outlet.
  • Wait till the light on the Extender turns solid Red.
  • After that go to the wifi list on your cell phone or computer and connect to Tp-Link extender.
  • Now you need to type or http or tplinkrepeater in your browser like google, firefox or safari.
  • This Url will take you to your TP-Link Extender Setup page.
  • It will ask you for username and password.
    NOTE:- type admin for both username and password for your TP Link Extender login.
  • Select your 2 GHz network among all the available networks and type the password for your router.
  • At Last will apply the setting of your Tp-Link TL-WA855Re range extender.

      IMP:- We recommend you to change the SSID here.

  • Once Setup solid green light will turn on your WiFi range extender.
  • Unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the actual place where you need Internet connectivity.
  • In-case you have red or orange light on extender after you plug it away from router, try placing it closer to router.
  • Solid green light it will mean extender is configured and having good signal strength

TP-Link AC1750 (RE450)

RE450 has been awarded the best extender by pcmag. It can extend your Wi-Fi network for ultimate performance and coverage.
With the help of its center blue light it guides you about signal strength. It is compatible with any Wi-Fi router or wireless access point. RE450 Extender Setup

It works best with AC technology, the RE450 creates stronger, super-fast Internet connections in your area with weak Signal. Three antennas helps you in providing AC1750 Wi-Fi Signal all over. You can easily Setup and configure your Wi-Fi through the TP-Link Tether app, which can be downloaded on Android or iOS.

Setup Tplink RE450 Extender.

  • Firstly, Plug in your TP-Link RE450 range extender close to your configured router, and wait till light on the extender turns solid blue.
  • Now grab any of your Wireless WiFi devices like computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet.
  • Go to your WiFi list and connect your device to TP-Link extender’s Network.
  • Once connected open a browser like google, firefox or safari.
  • Type in the address bar on your browser.
  • In case you are not able to login into or http or tplinkrepeater then simply type in the address bar.
  • Moreover, Once into the extender setup page it will ask for username and password.
  • There you need to type Admin in both the fields.

      Note:- It will now ask you to create new password for your account to secure your device.

  • After this step it will scan all the available networks in your area, you just need to select your router name and type in the password.
  • Moreover, You will need to select the 5 GHz network in the very next step and type in your router password again.
  • In the very next step you can change the SSID of the Extended Network and hit NEXT.
  • Hit finish, both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights will turn solid blue on the RE450 Extender.
  • Lastly, Choose ideal location according to your need, placing Tplink RE450 Extender halfway will end Wi-Fi dead zones.
tplinkrepeater app

TP-Link NC450 camera is a 720P camera with night vision and can be controlled through a mobile app. This camera have pan and tilt which means you can rotate the NC450 in 360 degree and can also remotely control it. It also supports motion detection moreover you can set hot zones for motion detection like doors or a crib. It supports SD card that you need to insert it inside the camera. So, you can store you videos and activities on this SD card. 

NC450 Setup through WPS

Wps stands for WiFi protected setup, it fast, easy and protected. It hardly take 15 seconds for two devices to pair through WPS. In case you want to connect any two devices through WPS you just need to push WPS button on them within a span of one minute. Once Connected you will see some change in the light colour or WPS light will turn solid green.

  • Firstly, plugin your Camera into power wait till the time you have solid red light on the Camera.
  • You need to hit WPS button on your TpLink camera, you will see blinking green light on your camera.
  • Now push WPS button on your router within a minute. This camera is compatible with all router. Modern Routers do support WPS button.
  • Moreover, Once a connection is successful you will find a solid green light on your Tp-Link NC450 camera.

    NOTE:- now we need to configure this device online through its app i.e. TP camera.

  • Open Tplink App it will show you all the models of camera. From there select your camera model and hit yes.
  • It will now automatically detect your Camera. After that it prompts for creating a new password for your Camera account. It is highly recommended to create a password for your camera, create a strong password always.
  • Hit next and it will prompt you to name your camera. You can change it or keep the default one.
  • After that it will show you that your camera is online.
  • Lastly, With the help of the on-screen options you can rotate the camera up, down, left or right. You can also check the night vision too.

TP-Link NC450 Setup through Ethernet Cable

  • Things Required before Setup:-
  • One Ethernet chord.
    Configured working router.
  • Your NC450 camera

Lets Begin the Setup

  • Ethernet Setup is useful when our Router does not support a WPS button, or if our WPS setup does not work somehow.
  • Firstly, Connect one end of the Ethernet chord into the LAN port on your router and other end of the chord into your Tp-Link camera.
  • Type in your Camera’s default IP address into your browser. You can find it on the boc of your camera or you can login into your router and find the IP address from connected devices list on your router.
  • Once you type in the IP address of your camera it will take you to your camera’s setup page.
  • To login type username and password as “admin”.
  • For security purpose it will ask you to change your default password. We recommend you to create a strong password.
  • Moreover, Click on the tab which says Cloud settings. There you just need to register your email address which enable you to access your Camera remotely.
  • Note:- In case you are not registered, you can create an account on

  • You will have to confirm your email address while setting up a new account on
  • Now click wireless connection for Setup. It will show you all available networks, You will have to hit on your router network among them.
  • Also type in the password for your Router SSID. 
  • After getting connected it will ask you to remove the Ethernet cable from the Camera and the Router too.
  • At last, Now you can place your camera anywhere within your Router’s reach.Firstly, forgot password?

Sometimes, When we forget the login username and password of the router it gets impossible for us to retrieve it. The Default username and password of the TP-Link router is “admin”. In case you haven’t change the login username and password you can simply type admin in both the fields and you should be good to go.But in case you have changed the password then there is no way to find it. You will have to reset it to factory default settings and Setup it as once again.

NOTE:- deafault password is “admin”.

How to reset TP-Link router?

You just need to press and hold the factory reset button on your router with a paper-clip for apprond 10 seconds while the router is plugged in to the wall.
Tplinkrepeater setup page

Release the factory reset button after that and wait till power light on the router becomes stable. From here on you will have to reconfigure your router back again.


1. Firstly, Take care of the fact that before you start configuring the router all lights will be back on it. 

2. The default IP address of the tp-link router is ). You need to type this in the address bar of your computer or laptop that is hardwired to the router. We know that default username and password to login into the router is “admin”. 

3. Lastly, Ensure that the IP address of your desktop is in the same subnet with the router. what it means is that your desktop has an IP address 192.168.0.X (X is in range of 2~253), and the subnet mask is not working?

Setting up tp link range extender can be done via wps or web browser. In some of the cases we don’t have a physical WPS button on our routers in that case we are only left with one option of setting up tplink extender via web browser. In order to start the Setup of Tp link you first need to connect your wireless phone or laptop to the default wifi name of your tp link extender. Go to your wifi list and you will find your tp link’s default extender name there. Connect to it, and open a browser on the same device. In the broswer you need to type http tplinkrepeater net or http or in the URL.

Common Issues why tplinkrepeater doesnt work?

There can be several reasons why or tplinkrepeater doesn’t work. Firstly make sure your cell phone or laptop is connected to the tp link default extender name. This is mandatory because is an offline page, so you dont require internet to setup your extender. Moreover, always try using different browser. In case it still doesn’t work the best option left is resetting the extender by holding the reset hole on the extender with the help of the paper clip for around 10 seconds.

Other alternative for tplinkrepeater?

So, In case you have tried all the above steps and still can’t get online on the setup page then you should definitly try the default IP address of the tplink extender. So what yo have to do is connect your device with tp link extender default name. In the URL type It will directly take you to the tplink extender setup page.

How to change the Password of Tplink repeater

If you want to change the password of your Tplink wi-fi repeater, You need to login in your Tplink
repeater with the help of its assigned IP address. You can find the assigned IP address by logging into your router and then in your DHCP list or Connected devices list you will see your tplinkextender. So once you have Tplink Ip address you need to type it in the URL of your browser and it will take you to the login page. In the login page of tplinkrepeater you need to type the username and password which mostly is “admin” for both. Once into your extender menu go to setting and there you will find the option to change wifi password for tplinkrepeater.

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